Exterior House Color Trends 2019

What is the exterior house color trends 2018? The hues that will be trending next year may be you can find in this post.

Do you want the exterior of your home to stand out a little from the others in your neighborhood, or you are just looking for a way to make your home’s outside as stylish as its inside, you will find plenty to inspire you in this roundup of the latest color trends 2018 for your home’s exterior.

All Black

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

It may seem counterintuitive, but painting your home all one color (painting it all black) can drawing attention to its architectural qualities and play up your home’s structural features. An all-black exterior is one of my favorite trends for your home’s outside!


Grey with White Trim

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

Grey’s become a major power player in the world of exterior paints. Above, light grey house with white trim really stands out and create a strong character.


All White

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

Many buildings during the classical revival were painted white, even though all white exterior house may result in a little more exterior maintenance, but it’s certainly a striking look, especially for a farmhouse-style home. There’s a reason we choose all white for our nation’s most famous house: it just looks amazing.


A Contrasting Front Door

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

This exterior house color with contrasting blue door adds a touch of color to a traditionally-styled home. You often see doors painted in red, but really, the sky’s the limit. This is another way to approach color, in moderation, is to paint just the front door.


Candy Box Colors

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

Pink house with white trim looks so beautiful. Soft pastels, on the exterior of this house will be the trend in 2018.


Grey with Dark Grey Trim

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

This light gray house with dark grey trim will give the exterior of your home a little extra interest and dimension. Try grey-on-grey to look more moderate (and traditional) if black-on-black is just too much. This tone-on-tone look will make your house more beautiful compare the others. Even, this is the most popular exterior paint colors for 2017 as well.


White with Black Trim

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

White house exterior with black trim is an especially arresting look. If your home has beautiful windows, this is a great way to draw attention to them.


Cream and French Grey

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

In the image above, the grey of the doors is carefully matched to the tone of the shingles. A cream-colored exterior with french grey accents is very HOA-friendly and is also reminiscent of a villa in the South of France.


Navy Blue with White Trim

Exterior House Color Trends 2018

This navy blue house with white trim combined with natural wood door create a charming touch. You can get an awesome look, and pump up the contrast between siding and natural wood accents, with navy blue exterior paint color.

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